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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Monthly RABCK: July 2007

RABCK = Random Act of Bookcrossing Kindness

Each month I give away a book from my Bookcrossing Bookshelf.

My July 2007 offer is open to anyone who sees this post :o)

To enter: leave a comment below this post then contact me by Bookcrossing PM (Subject: "July RABCK") with your choice of either:
- one book from my Available books, OR
- three books from my To Be Read books (from which I will choose one to read and send)

(as with all things bookcrossing, please check that the AVL or TBR status of the book(s) you select is set by me)

If the winner chooses an Available book it will be sent in early August, a To Be Read selection will take me a couple of months to read and send.

This offer will close at midnight on July 31st, 2007.


Viola said...

Hi Freelunch,

What a lovely idea! Thank you very much. I have chosen a book and I will PM you.

Best Regards,

SonicAD said...

Thanks for the two books I just got, don't see any more 5th Doctor books on your list, so will go for one from the next one... PM coming in a moment.

freelunch said...

and the winner is SonicAD :o)

I have your address and selection - it'll be posted out this week.